Prof. G"unter Lettl

was staying in St.Petersburg from 15.04.1998 to 30.04.1998

gave the talk "Galois module structure of Abelian extensions of number fields"
on 20.04.1998

             Application for participation in the EIMI program

                        TETE-A-TETE IN RUSSIA

    I. Western participant(s)

       1) last name         LETTL

       2) given name(s)     G"unter

       3) citizenship       Austria

       4) degree, title(s)  Dozent, Dr.

       5) affiliation       Institut f"ur Mathematik
                            Karl-Franzens-Universit"at Graz

       6) position          ao.Univ.Prof.

       7) mailing address   Heinrichstrasse 36
                            A-8010 Graz, AUSTRIA

       8) e-mail address

       9) phone number      +43 / 316 / 380-5153

      10) FAX number        +43 / 316 / 380-9815

    II. Russian participant(s)

        1) family name  Vostokov
        2) given name   Sergei
        3) patronymic   Vladimirovich
        4) degree, title(s)  doctor
        5) affiliation      St.Petersburg University. Department of
                            Mathematics and Mechanics,
                            Bibliotechnaya pl.2
                            198904 St.Petersburg, Russia
        6) position         Professor
        7) mailing address  Ligovsky pr.3/9, kv.56
                            191014 St.Petersburg, Russia
        8) e-mail address
        9) phone number     2792077
       10) FAX number       4286649

  III. Subject and form of proposed joint work (a few phrases)

"Additive Galois module structure of local fields and algebraic number fields"
In particular, we want to investigate the Galois module structure of the ring
of algebraic integers with respect to relative abelian extensions of (local or
global) number fields. Both participants of this project did already some
research work on explicit results on this theme, and now want to combine their
experiences and results for a joint research work.

   IV. Desired duration:

approx. 1 week in the period between Friday, 17.4.1998, and Sunday, 26.4.1998.
The exact dates also depend on the available flights.