Prof. Dov Aharonov

was staying in St.Petersburg from 28.07.1998 to 04.08.1998

Application for participation in the EIMI program


 I. Western participant
1)last name:              Aharonov
2)given name(s):          Dov
3)citizenship:            Israeli
4)degree, title(s):       Ph.D,Professor
5)affiliation:            Technion, Math department, Haifa, 32000, Israel
6)position:               Professor of mathematics
7)mailing address:        Prof Dov Aharonov, Math department, Technion,
                          Haifa, 32000,Israel
8)e-mail address:
9)phone number:           972-4-8294077(work),972-4-8243917(home)
10)FAX number:            972-4-8324654

 II. Russian participant
        1) family name        Solynin
        2) given name         Alexander
        3) patronymic         Yur'evich
        4) degree, title(s)   Kandidat fiz.-mat. nauk
        5) affiliation        POMI RAN
        6) position           Senior Scientific Researcher
        7) mailing address    191011 St.Petrsburg, Fontanka 27, POMI
        8) e-mail address
        9) phone number       1175754
       10) FAX number         (812)-3105377

   III. Subject and form of proposed joint work (a few phrases)

    We plan to continue our joint project. 
    We work together on minimal area problems in the complex domain
(also with Harold Shapiro from the Royal Institute of Technology,
    A.Yu. Solynin visited Department of mathematics at the Technion
Haifa(twice) and we are in the process of writing two papers on the
subject. In particular we have solved a long standing open problem in this
area of research.
    Professor Aharonov also plans to meet some other mathematicians from
POMI and University of St.Petersburg. He is an author of the journal
"Algebra i Analiz".
    IV. Desired duration:
two weeks in the period between 24/July/98 till
15/8/98(most likely,from 28/7/98 till 11/8/98).