Prof. Guo Xiong Wu

is going to stay in St.Petersburg from 28.09.1998 to 4.10.1998

Application for participation in the EIMI program 

   I. Western participant

 1)  last name                   Wu
 2)  given name(s)               Guo Xiong
 3)  citizenship                 United Kingdom
 4)  degree, title(s)            PhD
 5)  affiliation                 University College London,
                                 Dept of Mechanical Engineering
 6)  position                    Reader in Computational Fluid 
 7)  mailing address             Dept of Mechanical Engineering,
                                 University College London,
                                 Torrington Place,
                                 London WC1E7JE,  United Kingdom
 8)  e-mail address    
 9)  phone number                (44) 171-419 3870
10)  FAX number                  (44) 171-380 7065

  II. Russian participant

 1)  family name                 Protopopov
 2)  given name                  Boris
 3)  patronymic                  Egorovich
 4)  degree, title(s)            PhD  (Numerical investigation of 
                                 nonlinear waves at the surface of 
                                 inviscid incompressible fluid,  
                                 ITAM 1994)
 5)  affiliation                 Lavrentyev Institute of 
                                 Dept of Applied Hydrodynamics
 6)  position                    Research Fellow
 7)  mailing address             Lavrentyev Institute of 
                                 Lavrentyev Prospect 15,
                                 Novosibirsk 630090,  Russia
 8)  e-mail address    
 9)  phone number                (3832) 33 29 36
10)  FAX number                  (3832) 33 16 12

 III. Subject and form of proposed joint work

    The subject is Nonlinear plane problem on water impact. The form 
is some comparative computations and discussion of the obtained 
results, including proposals for removing possible difficulties.

  IV. Desired duration

    Approximately 7 days in the period from September 14 
    to September 20