Prof. Dan Willad

was staying in St.Petersburg in the period from 14.10.1998 to 20.01.1999

Application for participation in the EIMI program


 I. Western participant
        1)last name:          Willad
        2)given name(s):      Dan
        3)citizenship:        Albany U.S.A.
        4)degree, title(s):   Ph.D
        5)affiliation:        University of Albany
        6)position:           Professor 
        7)mailing address:    Room Li-67A, SVNY-Albany
                              Albany, NY USA 12222
        8)e-mail address:
        9)phone number        518-442-4284
       10)FAX number:          

 II. Russian participant
        1) family name        Kossovski
        2) given name         Nikolai
        3) patronymic         Kirillovich
        4) degree, title(s)   Dr., Prof.
        5) affiliation        St.Petersburg State University
        6) position           Head of Department
        7) mailing address    St.Petrsburg, St.Petergof, Faculty of
                              Mathematics and Mechanics
        8) e-mail address
        9) phone number       (812)155-69-03
       10) FAX number         

   III. Subject and form of proposed joint work (a few phrases)

        Mathematical model of Computers for calculation in limited
        operational random access

    IV. Desired duration: to Jan., 20, 1999