Dr. Ioannis Raptis

was staying in St.Petersburg during 2 weeks in the period from 3.03.1999 to 24.03.1999
Dr. I.Raptis and R.Zapatrin have written a paper: http://xxx.lanl.gov/abs/gr-qc/9904079

Application for participation in the EIMI program


I. Western participant(s)

      1) last name:           Raptis
      2) given name(s):       Ioannis
      3) citizenship:         Greek
      4) degree, title(s):    Ph.D. mathematical physics
      5) affiliation:         Algebra and Geometry Section, University of Athens, Greece
      6) position:            Visiting Scholar
      7) mailing address:     4 Kondoleondos Street, Paleo Psychiko, Athens
      154 52, Greece
      8) e-mail address:      iraptis@eudoxos.dm.uoa.gr
      9) phone number (home): (00-301)-6717617/6711910
     10) FAX number:          (00-301)-7229074

II. Russian participant(s)

       1) family name       Zapatrin 
       2) given name        Roman 
       3) patronymic        Romanovich
       4) degree, title(s)   
       5) affiliation       Государственный Русский Музей
       6) position          с.н.с.
       7) mailing address   ул. Блохина, 33, кв. 6-А, 197198, СПб
       8) e-mail address    gudrs@main.chat.ru, gudrs@hotmail.com
       9) phone number      312-99-53
      10) FAX number

  III. Subject and form of proposed joint work (a few phrases)
       Collaborate with Prof. Roman Zapatrin on pointless topologies,
       generalized and discretized (combinatorial) t-spaces and other
       algebraic theories of space(time) structure with an eye towards
       applying these ideas to the physical problem of quantum gravity.

   IV. Desired duration:  2-3 weeks in the period
       from 3/3/98 to 24/3/98