Prof. Fikri Akdeniz

was staying in St.Petersburg from 10.08.1999 to 30.08.1999

 Application for participation in the EIMI program 
 I. Western participant(s)

1) Last name: Akdeniz
2) Given name :Fikri
3)Citizenship: Turkish
4) Degree,title: Professor 
5)Affiliation:Cukurova University
6)Mailing address:Prof.Dr.Fikri Akdeniz
                           Department of Mathematics
                           Faculty of arts and Sciences
                           Cukurova University
                           01330 Adana TURKEY
8) e-mail:
9)Phone number: (+90)322 3386548
10) Fax number:(+90) 322 3386070

 II. Russian participant(s)
        1) Lyalinov
        2) Michael
        3) Anatolievich
        4) Candidate of Science
        5) S. Petersburg University
        6) Assoc. Professor
        7) S.Peterburg, Petergoff, Ulianovskaja 1-1,
           198904, NIIF, Dept. Math. Physics
        9) 428 7579
       10) 428 7240
   III. Subject and form of proposed joint work (a few phrases)

   Subject  of proposed joint work:"Development of statistical
   methods in electromagnetic remote sensing"
   Abstract Statistical modeling of the amount 
   of electromagnetic radiation coming from the surface will be studied 
   in different regions of the spectrum which are used in remote sensing 
   for spectral classes. The performance of different regions of the 
   spectrum will be compared in statistical modeling for spectral 

    IV. Desired duration  20 days in the period
        from 10 august to 30 august, 1999