Prof. Ulrich Koschorke

was staying in St.Petersburg from 17.08.1999 to 31.08.1999,
participating in the conference Topology and Dinamics: Rokhlin Memorial" and "Tete-a-Tete in Russia"
              TETE-A-TETE IN RUSSIA 

I. Western participant

      1) last name          Koschorke
      2) given name(s)      Ulrich Matthias
      3) citizenship        Germany
      4) degree, title(s)   Dr.,Prof.
      5) affiliatio         Siegen University
      6) position           permenant 
      7) mailing address    Universitat Siegen
                            Department of Mathematics,
                            D-57068 Siegen,
      8) e-mail address
      9) phone number       +49-(0)271-740-3513/3515
     10) FAX number         +49-(0)271-740-3502

II. Russian participant

       1) family name        Nezhinskij
       2) given name         Vladimir
       3) patronymic         Mikhajlovich
       4) degree, title(s)   Kandidat f.-m. nauk
       5) affiliation        St.-Petersburg State University
       6) position           Docent
       7) mailing address    Vl.Nezhinskij,
                             Steklov Math. Institute,
                             St.-Petersburg Brunch (POMI)
                             Fontanka 27,
                             191011 St.-Petersburg
       8) e-mail address
       9) phone number(home) 172-17-35 or 350-32-57     
      10) FAX number         007-812-310-53-77

  III. Subject and form of proposed joint work.

For many years we (Prof. U.Koschorke and V.Nezhinskij) 
study questions concerning linking phenomina; in particular
we study link homotopy and pseudohomotopy. Althow the subject 
is the same, we used different tools. It gets a problem to find
the connections between our approaches and our results too. This 
problem we are going to study in the proposed joint work. 

It is expected that Prof. U. Koschorke and V.Nezhinskij would have 
their talks at Rokhlin Memorial (which have to take place in St.-
Petersburg), would take part in topological ceminar of POMI and 
would discuss the problem under consideration with each other,
other topologiests of St.-Petersburg and POMI, the participants
of Rokhlin Memorial.
   IV. Desired duration one month in the period
       from August,15,1999 to September,14,1999.