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St.Petersburg   Department   of   V.A.Steklov    Institute   of   Mathematics
of   the   Russian   Academy   of   Sciences
Math. analysis Math. logic Math. physics Stat. methods
Research Algebra and Number Theory Geometry and Topology Math. Problems of Physics Math. Problems of Geophysics Representation Theory
and Dynamical Systems
Laboratory of Algebra and Number Theory
Head of Laboratory:  Corresponding Member of the RAS   I.А.Panin
Members Research
I.А.Panin  Head of Laboratory
А.N.Andrianov  Leading Research Fellow
N.V.Durov  Senior Research Fellow
S.A.Evdokimov  Leading Research Fellow
О.М.Fomenko  Leading Research Fellow
V.V.Ishkhanov  Senior Research Fellow
B.B.Lurje  Senior Research Fellow
N.V.Proskurin  Leading Research Fellow
О.B.Prozorov  Leading Specialist
А.L.Smirnov  Leading Research Fellow
А.А.Suslin  Leading Research Fellow
B.B.Venkov  Leading Research Fellow
S.А.Yagunov  Research Fellow
The staff of the laboratory works on several subjects.

A.N. Andrianov, N.V. Proskurin and O.M. Fomenko study the arithmetic of quadratic forms, related modular forms and zeta-functions.
S. A. Evdokimov develops methods of algebraic combinatorics.
V.V. Ishchanov and B.B. Lurje deal with the inverse Galois problem.
The work of B.B. Venkov is concentrated on the theory of extremal lattices in Euclidian spaces.
N.V. Durov and A.L. Smirnov develop a theory of generalized rings and work on its applications to number theory.
Scientific activity of I.A. Panin, A.A. Suslin and of S.A. Yagunov is related to motivic cohomology theories of algebraic varieties and, in particular, to K-theory.

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