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G.А.Seregin  Head of Laboratory
N.D.Filonov  Senior Fellow
N.А.Karazeeva  Research Fellow
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S.I.Repin  Deputy Director for Science
Т.N.Shilkin  Senior Fellow
V.А.Solonnikov  Leading Research Fellow
А.F.Vakulenko  Research Fellow
A new rapidly developing direction in qualitative theory and the theory of asymptotic methods for nonlinear partial differential equations, in particular for the viscous liquid hydrodynamics equations, was originated, i.e. non-local stability theory and attractor theory for autonomous evolutional problems of dissipative type, as well as the theory of compact and asymptotically compact semigroups of nonlinear operators acting in a locally noncompact metric phase space.

A stationary problem with free boundaries for the Navier--Stokes equations and a problem of evolution of an isolated finite volume of viscous noncontractive liquid were solved.

The limiting smoothness of generalized solutions of quasilinear parabolic equations admitting double degeneration was proved.

A theory of solvability of initial-boundary value problems for equations of motion of linear viscous-elastic liquid was developed.

Binomial asymptotic formulae for the distribution function of eigenvalues and the spectral function of elliptic selfadjoint differential operator with regular elliptic boundary conditions on a smooth compact manifold with edge were obtained.

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