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PREPRINT 12/1997

Leonid A. Khalfin

CP violation problem and unconditional tests of fundamental discrete symmetries T, CPT in rigorous quantum dynamics beyond the approximate Lee--Oehme--Yang theory

This preprint was accepted July 21, 1997.
Contact: L. A. Khalfin

The CP-violation problem, and unconditional tests of discrete symmetries T, CPT investigated in the exact Quantum Theory (QT) beyond the usually used Lee--Oehme--Yang (LOY) theory, which was based on famous Weisskopf--Wigner (W.W.) approximation. It were derived new unconditional CP@-violation effects, independent from known before, new unconditional tests of the CPT and T invariances, new results for correlations. Corresponding general results were obtained for $K^{0}-\bar K^{0}$, $B^{0}-\bar B^{0}$, $D^{0}-\bar D^{0}$ mesons. On the base of these new theoretical results given some proposals for experiments by CP LEAR and $\phi$, $B$, $\tau$ factories. New results are interesting not only for the CP@-violation problem itself, but also for possibilities to test violation of the standard quantum dynamics connected with ideas of quantum gravity. Based on the talk at 2-nd International Symposium on Symmetries in Subatomic Physics, June 25--28, 1997, Seatle, USA, and on the invited lecture at FNAL, July 3, 1997, Batavia, USA.

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