Steklov Institute of Mathematics at St.Petersburg


В.М.Бабич, С.К.Кочугуев

О методу В.И.Смирнова-С.Л.Соболева явного решения задач математической теории диффракции

This preprint was accepted January 10, 2002
Contact: V.M.Babich

This paper demonstrates the method by V.I.~Smirnov -- S.L.~Sobolev
-- G.I.~Petrashen on the example of nonstationary wave propagation
problem in case of two contacting semiplanes with a point
oscillation source. This problem is rather technically simple and
enables us to illustrate such nontrivial aspects of the
mathematical wave theory as head waves and "non-ray" $P^*$ waves.
Analysis of the solution shows good agreement between both
mathematical and physical effects.

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