Steklov Institute of Mathematics at St.Petersburg

PREPRINT 13/2003

Vadim V. Cheianov and M. B. Zvonarev

Non-Unitary Spin-Charge Separation in One-Dimensional Fermion Gas

This preprint was accepted September 22, 2003

 In this Letter we report exact results on the infrared asymptotics
of one-particle dynamical correlation function of the  gas of
impenetrable spin 1/2 fermions at infinitesimal temperature.  The
correlation function shows signs of spin-charge separation with
scaling behavior in the charge part and exponential decay as a
function of the space coordinate in the spin part. Surprisingly,
the anomalous dimensions in the charge part do not correspond to
any unitary conformal field theory. We find that the fermion
spectral weight has a power law divergency at low energy with the
anomalous exponent  -1/2.

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