Valentina Mihailovna Ivanova


Dissertation of V.M.Ivanova was devoted to the space F(X) of closed subsets of a given topological space (in particular, bicompact space) X, only some main results of the dissertation were stated briefly in [2]. In particular, V.M.Ivanova proved very simply the bicompactness of the space F(X) for any bicompact space X (the proof were repeated in the paper [1] of V.I.Ponomarev) and found out connections between separation axioms in the spaces X and F(X). It is worthy of special mentioning the theorem: If X is not bicompact then F(F(X)) will not njrmal space. Further V.M.Ivanova proved that the space $F(I_\tau)$, where $I_\tau$ is the space of all ordinal numbers less than $\tau$, is not normal one. - Mathematics in the USSR during forty years, 1917--1957, vol. 1, Rewiev papers, Moscow (1959),p. 232.