Vladimir Igorevich Arnold


Place of birth:       Odessa, USSR

Date of birth:        12 June 1937

Education:            1954-1961 Faculty of Mathematics, Moscow State University,
                      Moscow USSR

MS Diploma work:      On mappings of circle to itself, under supervision of 
                      Prof. A.N.Kolmogorov (1959)

PhD Thesis:	      "On  the  representation  of  continuous functions of 3 
                      variables by the superpositions of continuous functions of 
                      2 variables", under supervision of prof. A.N.Kolmogorov; 
                      Jury - prof. A.G.Vitushkin and prof. L.V.Keldysh (1961)

ScD Thesis:	      Small denominators and stability problems in classical and 
                      celestial mechanics; profs. N.N.Bogoljubov, V.M.Volosov, 
                      G.N.Duboshin (1963)

Member of Academies:  Honorary member of London Math. Soc. (1976), 
                      French Acad of Sc. (1983), 
                      National USA (1984), 
                      USSR corresponding member (1986) member (1990), 
                      Arts and Sciences USA (1987), 
                      Royal Soc. Lond. (1988), 
                      Acad. Lincei Roma (1988), 
                      American Philosoph. Soc. (1989), 
                      Russian Acad. of Natural Sciences (1991).

Doctor Honoris causa: Univ. P. et M. Curie Paris (1979), 
                      Utrecht (1991), 
                      Warwick (Coventry) (1988), 
                      Bologna (1991).

Mathematical Prizes:  Moscow Math. Soc. Prize for young mathematicians (1958), 
                      Lenin Prize (with Kolmogorov) (1965), 
                      Crafoord Prize of the Swedish Acad. (with L. Nirenberg) 

Employment:	      1961-1986, Moscow State University, 
                      Mech. Math. faculty : assistent, dozent, professor 
                      1986-present, Steklov Mathematical Inst., Moscow
                      1993-present, Universite' Paris 9, France


(autumn semester)
   Steklov Mathematical Institute,
   42, Vavilov st., Moscow V-333, GSP-1, 117966, Russia.
   tel. 135-22-91.

(spring semester)
   CEREMADE, Universite Paris 9 - Dauphine
   Place du Marechal de Lattre de Tassigny
   75775 PARIS Cedex 16-e, FRANCE
   tel. 44054681, FAX 44054599.

E-mail arnold@ceremade.dauphine.fr

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