Arnold's Seminar: Schedule for Autumn Semester 1996

September 3
V. Arnold. Problem list.
September 10
V. Arnold. Problem list (continued).
September 17
D. Panov. Topological classification of meromorphic functions without multiple critical values.
September 24
S. Anisov. Convex curves in RP^n.
October 1
S. Orevkov. Whitney formula for the rotation number of a plane curve generalized to immersions S^2 -> R^3 (after Mikhalkin--Polyak).
October 8
M. Kazarian. Plane curves invariants of strangeness type and cyclic homology.
October 15
V. Zakalyukin. Singularities of contact foldings.
October 22
A. Khovansky. An elementary proof of the real versions of the fundamental theorem of algebra (after Sasha Pukhlikov).
Andrei Inshakov. On curves on surfaces.
October 29
P. Akhmetiev. Higher helicity (?).
November 5
S. Duzhin. Cyclic serpents and topology of real trigonometric polynomials (after V.Arnold).
November 12
November 19
Min Yan. Dehn-Sommerville identities.
November 26
A. Alexeevsky. A formula for the number of integer points inside a plane curve.
December 3
Yu. Chekanov. On the number of diameters of immersed manifolds and fronts in Euclidean space (after P.Pushkar).
December 10
S. Chmutov, S. Duzhin. The number of primitive Vassiliev invariants of degree n is asymptotically greater than any polynomial in n.
December 17
V. Arnold. On the classification of meromorphic functions.
December 24
V. Arnold. Characteristic polynomials of plane arrangements (after R. Stanley).

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