Arnold's Seminar: Schedule for Spring 1997

February 18
Dmitruk (sorry! I do not know his first name). Geodesics of subriemannian metrics.
February 25
Sabir Gussein-Zade. Verlinde algebras and intersection form on vanishing cycles.
March 4
Stepan Orevkov. Classification of ovals in RP^2 and knot theory.
March 11
Oleg Musin. Chebyshev systems and the four vertex theorem.
March 18
Yurii Burman. A generalization of Whitney formula for plane curves to higher dimensions.
March 25
Sergei Lando. Classification of coverings S^2 -> S^2 with one degenerate singular point.
April 1
Sergei Duzhin. Truncated symmetric products (after J.Mostovoy).
April 8
Victor Vassiliev. Knot invariants in an arbitrary manifold.
April 15
Boris Kruglikov. Kobayashi metric for almost complex manifolds.
April 22
Sabir Gussein-Zade. The extended semigroup of a singular point of a complex curve.
April 29
Sergei Duzhin. Integral formula for the strangeness of a plane curve (after Yu.Baryshnikov).
Andrei Agrachev. Caustics of contact geodesics.
May 6
No seminar.
May 13
V.Vassiliev. r-supported submanifolds in $R^n$.
Summary: A submanifold $M \subset R^n$ is $r$-supported if for any $r$ points in $M$ there is a hyperplane, supporting $M$ and touching it at exactly these $r$ points. We prove that the minimal dimension $n=n(k,r)$ of the space $R^n$, containing a stably $r$-supported submanifold diffeomorphic to $R^k$, is asymptotically no less than $2kr-k$.
May 20
Yu.Chekanov. A new invariant of Legendrian knots.
May 23
Special session: Steklov Institute (new building), 14:00
V.I.Arnold. Problems.

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