Arnold's Seminar: Schedule for Spring 1998

February 17
Dima Panov. On the number of special points on surfaces. (Summary in Russian: Cyrillic, Transliteration).
February 24
Semen Alesker. Continuous valuations on convex sets.
March 3
Alexander Shmelev. Symmetric spaces, Kaelerian geometry and Hamiltonian dynamics (after Donaldson).
March 10
Vladimir Zakalyukin. Singularities of submanifold contact with flags. (Summary: in Russian, in English).
March 17
O.Musin. Curvature extremes and caustics of polygons and polyhedra.
March 24
W.Ebeling. Strange duality and polar duality.
March 31
S.Gusein-Zade. On the Topology of Polynomials at Infinity.
April 7
V.Sedykh. Legendrian Sturm Theory of Space Curves.
(The talk is based on V.I.Arnold's paper which is available on-line).
April 14
V.Vassiliev. How to calculate homology groups of spaces of nonsingular algebraic projectivehypersurfaces.
Abstract (0 Kb), LaTeX file(gzip) (22 Kb), DVI file (gzip) (39 Kb), PostScript file (gzip) (82 Kb).
April 21
P.Pushkar. Nonsmoothable wave fronts.
(Summary in Russian: Cyrillic, Transliteration).
April 28
A.G.Khovansky. Newton polyhedra and the product of roots of a system of equations.
May 5
Vladlen Timorin. Mixed bilinear Hodge-Riemann relations in the linear context
Summary in Russian (Transliteration).
May 12
Boris Kazarnovsky. Perestroikas of polygons, multivalued sections of circular fiberings and convex polyhedra in the complex space. (Summary in Russian: Cyrillic, Transliteration).
May 19
Attention: beginning of the seminar at 16:00
S.K.Lando (joint with D.Zvonkine). Topological Classification of One-Variable Polynomials.

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