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Name Year(s) of participation Comment
Barbara ATAMANIUK 2001 High level, nice place, fantastic people.
Donato FORTUNATO 2001, 2004 The conferences I attended were very interesting from a scientific point of view and very well organized.
Hyoung In LEE 2011 For science, Workshop on Metamaterials is well organized (theoretical, numerical, experimental aspects are well mixed). But, a little more foreign participants are expected. For conference building (Steklov institute): The main hall is a bit noisy. Internet connection is pretty good, but power plugs (on the walls of the main hall) are only a few. For the lunch, coffee, and picnics, they are of good quality for the given registration fee.
Miguel LOBO Hidalgo 2005 Interesting Conference.
Franco PASTRONE 2003, 2004, 2005 A high level conference – very well organized – useful and interesting discussions and informal talks out of the presentations – good balance between pure and applied topics.
Mykhailo SEMKIV 2011 "Days on Diffraction" is very good conference, there are going to great people.
Alexey SHCHERBAKOV 2011 The conference unites both matematicians and physicists giving them possibility to share their knowledge and problems and this is a valuable feature rarely found in other conferences.
Yury SHESTOPALOV 1986, 1987, 1992, 1999, 2003, 2005 An excellent forum for both novel and classical mathematical items in diffraction theory.

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