S.Chmutov, S.Duzhin, J.Mostovoy. Introduction to Vassiliev knot invariants (aka CDBooK).
Final non-copyedited draft (corrected according to the errata, 512 pp.):

PDF file, 6.9Mb.
gzipped ps file, 4.2Mb.
TeX+eps sources (zip), 5.7Mb.
Xfig sources (zip), 800Kb.

This draft supercedes the arXiv publication arXiv:1103.5628.

The book on paper (504 pp.) was published by Cambridge University Press in May 2012, ISBN 978-1-107-02083-2. Here is the cover page of this edition, 220Kb (picture design by J.Mostovoy). Here is a list of errata to this edition.

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