List of Talks:


1.      Hugo Beirao da Veiga, “On the Ladyzhenskaya-Smagorinsky Turbulence Model. The Regularity Problem”
2.      Russell Caflisch, “Complex Singularities for Inviscid Incompressible Flow”
3.      Dongho Chae, “On the Self-Similar Singularities for the Euler and Related Equations”
4.      Peter Constantin, TBA
5.    Stamatios  Dostoglou, “The Correlation of Statistical Solutions for the Hydrodynamic Equations”
6.      Eduard Feireisl, “Asymptotic Analysis of Equations Describing the Dynamics of Compressible Viscous Fluids”
7.      Milton da Costa Lopes Filho, “Incompressible Flow Around a Small Obstacle”
8.      Andrei Fursikov, “Unlocal Stable Invariant Manifolds for Semilinear Parabolic Equation with Quadratic Nonlinearity”
9.      Olivier Glass, “On the Controllability of the Isentropic Euler Equation”
10.  Francois Golse, “Regularization by Compensated Compactness for Conservation Laws”
11.  Matthias Hieber, “$L^2$-Stability of the Ekman Spiral and the Eqautions of Navier-Stokes in the Rotational Framework”
12.  Tom Hou, “Dynamic Depletion of Vortex Stretching and Nonlinear Stability of 3D Incompressible Flows”
13.  Sergei Kuksin, “Eulerian Limit for Randomly Forced 2D Navier-Stokes Equation”
14.  Ruo Li, “A Numerical Study to Kida-Pelz Type High-Symmetric Configuration”
15.  Alex Mahalov, “3D Euler Equations in Cylindrical Domains with Uniformly Large Initial Vorticity”
16.  Basil Nicolaenko, “Bursting Dynamics and Nonlinearity Depletion for the 3D Euler Equations”
17.  Tudor Ratiu, “Euler Equations in Thin Domains”
18.  Okihiro Sawada, “On the Linearized Problem of the Spin-Coating-Process”
19.  Maria Schonbek, “Decay of Polymer equations  and Poincare estimates”
20.  Yoshihiro Shibata, “Some Stability Theorem for Navier-Stokes Flow Past a Rotating Body”
21.  Roman Shvydkoy, “Onsager's Conjecture in Borderline Besov Spaces”
22.  Yakov Sinai, “Blow Ups of Complex Solutions of Some Equations of Fluid Dynamics”
23.  Viktor Starovoitov, “Singular Solutions of the Euler Equations”
24.  Edriss S. Titi, “Global Regularity of Certain Geophysical Models”