Alexander L. Yarin speaks about Antonio Castellanos Mata.

He was a leading person in the field of electrohydrodynamics, the founder of the Spanish school in this area, a person with a very deep understanding of the subject. He was also a very pleasant person. I enjoyed several days we spent with him at a conference in UK which we attended together. That time we chat a lot, and I've been really impressed by his deep knowledge as well as his nice personality and the sense of humor. Also, I read a number of his papers in full detail and learnt from them quite a lot. I also invited his to write a chapter for the Springer Handbook of Experimental Fluid Mechanics which I co-edited, and he did that. His chapter there is definitely one of the best in this generally successful book... an example of his deep thinking and a very clear explanation of the subject.

<...> Definitely he was one of the brightest people in the field of electrohydrodynamics, and a very nice person in general.