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In 1955-1963 I attended Leningrad Middle School 170 (grades 1 - 8).

In 1963-1966 I was a student at the Leningrad High School 239. This is a remarkable school, one of the best in Leningrad, with specialization in Mathematics and Physics. See a wikipedia article. I am most grateful to the following three teachers:
Mirra Girshevna Katsnelson, history Garry Borisovich Akhverdov, mathematics Victor Kirillovich Kobushkin, physics

In 1966-1971 I was an (undergraduate) student at the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics (mat-mex), Leningrad State University.
By the end of this period I prepared my first two research papers:
1. Links, two-fold branched coverings and braids;
2. Local knotting of submanifolds
(they were published in 1972 and 1973 in Matem. Sbornik). The latter was my master thesis.

Then I became an aspirant (graduate student) at the Department of High Geometry of the same Faculty.
Both during undergraduate and graduate study, my supervisor was Professor Vladimir Abramovich Rokhlin. Here are four pictures of Rokhlin.

I graduated in 1973, a year before the time, in order to fill an assistant professor position at the same Department.

In 1974 I defended a dissertation
"Topological invariants of branched coverings of manifolds with boundary"
for the degree Candidate of Phys.-Mat. Sci. (Ph.D) .

In 1983 I defended the second dissertation (a counter-part of habilitation),
"Real algebraic varieties with prescribed topological properties"
for the degree of Doctor of Phys.-Mat. Sci .