Viro,   Kharlamov,   Netsvetaev,  Ivanov
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Elementary Topology. Textbook in Problems

by O.Ya.Viro, O.A.Ivanov, V.M.Kharlamov, N.Y.Netsvetaev

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This book includes basic material on general topology, introduces algebraic topology via the fundamental group and covering spaces.

There were two editions in Russian, in 1988 and 2000. The first English edition was published in 2008. Here is its abridged version with proofs and solutions removed. The third Russian edition is to be published in 2009-2010.

The book is written mainly for students with a limited experience in mathematics, but determined to study the subject actively. The material is presented in a concise form, proofs are presented separately from formulations. Theorems, however, are formulated in detail, and the reader is expected to treat them as problems. This is done in order to emphasize the role of formulations and proofs.

More about the book can be found in the Introduction, where we describe its other specific features and the ideas behind them. To learn more, take a look on Table of Contents.