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St. Petersburg Seminar

on Representation Theory and Dynamical Systems

Wednesday, 17 PM, room 311 , PDMI, Fontanka 27

Former talks in 2007:

December 26
Formation of clusters in stochastic systems of sticky particles
November 28
A.Zorin (Moscow)
On the commutativity of the centralizer of a subalgebra in the universal enveloping algebra
November 21
Quasi-random graphs
November 14
Classical Lie superalgebras, their invariants and representations
November 7
Polar decomposition of vector-valued functions
October 24
Filtrations generated by random walks over the trajectories of Bernoulli actions of lattices
October 17
N.Nessonov (Kharkov)
On representations of GL(\infty)
October 17
V.Guba (Vologda)
Growth factors of amenable groups
September 19
Algebraic aspects of integrable spin chains
September 5
Affine geometry and bounds on the number of integer points on surfaces
August 29
1. Double Hurwitz numbers in genus 0.
2. Cluster algebras and Poisson geometry.
July 12
R.Mikhailov (Steklov Institute, Moscow)
Algebraic aspects of the theory of homotopy groups of spheres
May 23
Algebraic polymorphisms (dynamic theory of correspondences)
(a joint paper with K.Schmidt)
April 25
E.Stepanov (St.Petersburg)
Models of optimal mass transportation and irrigation networks
April 18
S.I.Bezugly (Kharkov)
Topologies on tranformation groups in Borel and Cantor dynamics
April 11
V.Vershinin (Novosibirsk, Montpelier)
Special automorphisms of the free group and associated Lie algebras; inverse semigroups and braids
April 4
Discussion of problems related to corepresentation of classical groups (A.M.Vershik, N.A.Vavilov, S.V.Duzhin,...)
February 14
The infinite-dimensional Lebesgue measure ant its applications
February 14
Nonsingular and measure-preserving transformations of pure-jump Levy processes
February 7
L.Rybnikov (ITEP, Moscow)
Commutative subalgebras in universal enveloping algebras
January 31
G.G.Amosov (Moscow)
On noncommutative cohomologies of the semigroup of shifts of the algebra of all bounded operators in the space
January 31
V.Malyshev (Moscow)
A one-dimensional model of expansion of crystals and biological networks
January 17
Dilation of positive multplications-comultiplications and duality of *-algebras

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