Photo of Anatoly Vershik Anatoly Vershik

Head of the Laboratory of Representation Theory
and Dynamical Systems
St.Petersburg Department of Steklov Institute of Mathematics,
27 Fontanka, St.Petersburg 191023, Russia

Professor of the Chair of Mathematical Analysis,
Department of Mathematics and Mechanics,
St.Petersburg State University

Phone: +7(812) 312-88-29
Fax:     +7(812) 310-53-77
E-mail :

    Research interests

  • ergodic theory, dynamical systems, symbolic dynamics, nonholonomic dynamics

  • representation theory and its applications, asymptotic representation theory, infinite-dimensional groups, C*-algebras

  • combinatorics, symmetric groups, approximations in algebra

  • measure theory, statistics and asymptotics in combinatorics

  • convex geometry, discrete geometry, subriemannian geometry

  • linear and nonlinear programming, optimization.