Euler IMI

Algebraic Geometry, K-theory, and Motives

(a conference dedicated to Andrei Suslin's 60th birthday)

St. Petersburg, Russia
June 25-29, 2010


Friday, June 25

18.00--20.00  Conference registration

Saturday, June 26

9.30--10.20  Conference registration

10.30--11.30   Alexander Merkurjev Canonical dimension of simple algebras

Coffee break

12.00--13.00  Hélène Esnault   Level and rational points.


15.00--16.00  Alexander Beilinson   Some remarks on Grothendieck's standard conjectures

Coffee break

16.30--17.30  Marc Levine   Slices of S1-spectra

20.30  City tour

Sunday, June 27

10.30--11.30   Spencer Bloch   Dilogarithm motives arising in physics

Coffee break

12.00--13.00   Vladimir Voevodsky   Формальные языки, частичные алгебраические теории и гомотопическая категория.

16.00 Boat trip

Monday, June 28

10.30--11.30   Jean-Louis Colliot-Thélène   Unramified H3 and codimension two cycles

Coffee break

12.00--13.00  Paul Balmer   Modules in triangulated categories


15.00--16.00  Eric Friedlander   Some contributions of Andrei Suslin to modular representation theory

Coffee break

16.30--17.30  Stephen Lichtenbaum   Coherent sheaves on Arakelov varieties

19.00  Conference dinner

Tuesday, June 29

10.30--11.30  Alexander Vishik   On some applications of Symmetric Operations in Algebraic Cobordism

Coffee break

12.00--13.00  Raman Parimala   Degree three Galois cohomology of function fields of arithmetic surfaces


15.00--16.00  Andrei Suslin  On motivic cohomology of Severi-Brauer varieties