All the talks will take place at the Marble Hall (floor 2),
St. Petersburg Branch of V.A. Steklov Institute of Mathematics of the Russian Academy of Sciences (POMI)
27 Fontanka, St. Petersburg 191023, Russia.
Here is the route from Butterfly/Krysha (Vladimirskiy Prospekt 1/47) to PDMI (Fontanka, 27).

Flying directly to St. Petersburg

For the first time visitors, the easiest is to fly directly to St. Petersburg's Pulkovo Airport (code: LED) located about 40-50 minutes by taxi away from the city center. We will try to meet each participant at the airport.

Flying to Moscow and taking a train

Alternatively, one can fly to one of the Moscow airports: From any of these three Moscow airports,
  1. Take a nonstop "Aeroexpress" train to Moscow (runs every 30 minutes during 6AM -- midnight, reaches Moscow in 30-45 min (depending which airport you are coming from), price is about $10. Ticket could be purchased online from aeroexpress.ru/en or from a machine or in a booth, with a credit card, right before boarding the train. Try to buy "Plus Metro" ticket which will also be valid on the subway.
  2. Take the subway train on the brown "Circle" Line ("Koltsevaya" line, also called "Line 5"; it is an inner, brown circle on the map) to Komsomolskaya subway station (North-East intersection of brown circle line and red line), exit and walk to Leningradskiy Rail Terminal. Time on the subway train is about 10-20 minutes, depending which airport you are coming from; runs every 2-4 minutes during 6AM -- 1AM; price is about $1.
    • There are three Rail Terminals at Komsomolskaya subway station!
    • Do not even think of trying the street food there!
  3. Take a train from Leningradsky Rail Terminal (same as "Moskva Okt.") to St. Petersburg. The "Sapsan" train runs every two hours between 5h30 and 19h40 and reaches St. Petersburg in 4 hours. Price is about $60 if booked in advance (or even $30-40 if well in advance), could be around $200 if bought a day or two before the travel. Tickets could be purchased at pass.rzd.ru
  4. Alternatively, regular trains of sleeping cars run almost any time from Leningradskiy Station and reach St. Petersburg in 8-12 hours; price could be about $25-$50. Trains can be booked in advance at pass.rzd.ru. Note that trains of sleeping cars may leave from two different railway terminals: most trains leave from "Leningradskiy station" also known as "Moskva Okt." near Komsomolskaya subway station; just a few leave from "Kurskiy station" near Kurskaya subway station (try to avoid them: they arrive at some remote railway station in St.Petersburg). Komsomolskaya subway station is on the right half of the brown "Circle" subway line.