June 25th, Morning





How to create countable groups




Solving Inverse Problem for Discrete Schrodinger Equation by Using CAS REDUCE






On Factorization of Interval Polynomials, Rational Approximation of Sufficiently Smooth Real Functions and Optimal Interval Evaluation




The Monster Simple Group: How to Generalize Elliptic Modular Function j
(John McKay)




Hensel Construction of $F(x,u_1,...,u_n), n >= 2$, at a Singular point and Its Applications






Bivariate Rational Approximation and Multivariate Approximate GCD

(Hiroshi Kai & Matu-Tarow Noda)





Some weight distributions for binary codes


Groebner Bases and Involutive Bases

(A. V. Astrelin & E. V. Pankratev)

Asymptotics of Motion of the Rigid Body with a Fixed Point
(A. Aranson)


Wu's method for a system of floating point coefficient polynomial equations

(Matu-Tarow Noda, Hiroshi Kai & Yoshio Notake)



Unitary fractions


Discrete Comprehensive Groebner Bases

(Yosuke Sato & Akira Suzuki)

Local simplification for systems of ordinary differential equations


Symbolic-numeric methods for solving zero dimensional polynomial systems




Representatives classes conjugation of nilpotet elements in a simple Lie algebra. Low dimensions


Generalized Characteristic Sets and Multivariable Differential Dimension Polynomials


Parametric analysis of the stability of complex systems by means of computer algebra

(A.Banshchikov & L.Bourlakova)






A - Computational Number Theory and Group Theory Song Yan & Ilias Kotsireas


B - Groebner Bases and Applications Quoc-Nam Tran & Alexander Levin


C - Computer Algebra for Dynamical Systems and Mechanics Victor Edneral, Raya Khanin, Ilias Kotsireas & Nikolay Vassiliev


D -Approximate Algebraic Computation: towards Symbolic-Numeric Algorithms Robert Corless, Tateaki Sasaki, Bernard Mourrain & Matu-Tarow Noda


June 25th, Evening








Fast computing with subgroup lattices in GAP

The facilities of Theorema for teaching Logic and Mathematics
(B.Buchberger & T.Jebelean)

Integrable dynamical systems: new classes

Algebra is not analysis
(J.Carette, R.Corless, D.Jeffrey & S.Watt)


Outer Estimation of Generalized Solution Sets
to Interval Equations Systems


Finitely Presented Universal Groups and Computational Algebra
(Natasha Bozovic)

Teaching Linear Algebra with SVD Analysis


Some applications of differential resultant systems
(G. Carra' Ferro)


A Computer Algebra-Based Expert System for Diagnosis of Anorexia
(C.Perez-Carretero, L.M. Laita, E.Roanes-Lozano, L.Lazaro & J.Gonzalez-Cajal)

Analysis of Interval Models with Floating Bounds
(V.Krischuk, G.Shilo, N.Gaponenko)



Virtual Mathematical Experiments
(G. Albano, V. Martuscelli, S. Miranda & S. Salerno)


Modular dynamical systems and efficient computation of their trajectories
(N. Glazunov)

The Regulation of Restoration Algorithms
(S.Ivanova & R.Ashinyants)







Mathematics and Mathematica
(G. Albano, C. D'Apice & R. Manzo)


Operator factorization methods in the form of a hypergeometric calculator based on the use of Internet client-server technology
(V.Mitrofanov, O.Paramonova & A.Niukkanen)




The algorithms of discrete mathematics and graph theory with Mathematica and TI-83,89
(Igor Gachkov)





A - Computational Number Theory and Group Theory Song Yan & Ilias Kotsireas

B - Teaching of Efficient Mathematics Alkiviadis G. Akritas & Gennadi Malaschonok

C - Computer Algebra for Dynamical Systems and Mechanics Victor Edneral, Raya Khanin,

Ilias Kotsireas & Nikolay Vassiliev

D - Nonstandard Applications Richard Liska, Stanly Steinberg & Michael Wester

E - Interval and Computer-Algebraic Methods in Science and Engineering V. M. Nesterov

& Vladik Kreinovich


June 26th, Morning



Symplectic integrators and Computer Algebra in Celestial Mechanics
(J. Laskar)

Hensel lifting and solving systems of linear equations
(G. Malaschonok)

An algorithm for solvability testing of elementary linear inequalities systems
(D.Beauquier & E. Smirnova)

A Problem Solving Environment for Numerical Partial Differential Equations
(Stanly Steinberg)

Twin Hulls of Fixed Point of a Volterra Integral Operator in Twin Spaces


Characteristic polynomials of finitely generated modules over Weyl algebras
(A. Levin)

A polynomial algorithm of cubic complexity for solving systems of linear inequalities with bounded integer variables and at most two variables per inequality

An Approach from AI to the Design of Routes in a Railway Interlocking
(E. Roanes-Lozano & L.Laita)

Twin Hulls for the Reachable Set of ODE Interval Systems


Applications of computer algebra in general relativity+
(R. d'Inverno)


Construction of primitive elements in differential modules
(M. Kondratieva, V.Mityunin & N. Makarevich)

Decidability and undecidability of fuzzy and universal theories of ring of k-ary numbers

SFTools --- Knowledge Based and Educational System on Special Functions

The Preliminary Enclosing of the ODE Solutions on the Base of Cauchy-Duhamel Identity


Classification using repetition-dependent transformation distance measure on strings

Program of solvability of linear equality and inequality systems with parameters

Application of Computer Algebra Systems to Construct Formulae of the Collocation and Least Squares Method
(L.Semin & V. Shapeev)

Choice of an initial approximation for an iterative method of a solution of an interval system of the linear algebraic equations
(L. Kupriyanova)




Poisson series processor for analytical manipulations in celestial mechanics problems
(T. V. Ivanova)

Computation of the weight enumerators of the binary linear codes by linear programming
(I. Gachkov)

Coherence theorems and their use in computer algebra

Operating Modeling Environment on Multi-syntax Language Base

An Application of Interval Taylor Series for Solving Inertial Navigation Systems
(D.Peregudov & V.Zyuzin)


Simplification of tensor polynomials with indices
(X. Jaen & A. Balfagon)

Generalized chain fractions
(D. Maslov)

The Natural Style Provers of Theorema: A Survey of Various Strategies for Different Mathematical Domains
(B. Buchberger, C. Dupre', T. Jebelean, B. Konev, F. Kriftner, T. Kutsia, K. Nakagawa, F. Piroi, D. Vuasaru & W. Windsteiger)

Application of Computer Algebra Systems to Construct High-Order Difference Schemes

J - complex analysis and interval mathematic
(O.Peskova & V. Zyuzin)


Application of computational group theory for tensor simplification
(R. Portugal)

Monomial Filtrations in the Ring of Formal Power Series

Combining Level-Saturation Strategies and Meta-Variables for Predicate Logic Proving in Theorema
(B. Konev & T. Jebelean)

Code Generation Using Computer Algebra Systems
(Michael Wester & John K. Prentice)

Solving geometric problems with interval parameters by means of symbolic construction plans
(R. Joan-Arinyo & N. Mata)





June 26th, Evening



On the number of independent components of an indexed object with symmetries
(S.Klioner & N. N.Vassiliev)

Formal validation of Algebraic Identification algorithm: example of Duffing equation (F. Benmakrouha, C. Hespel, G. Jacob & E. Monnier)

Proving theorems in Mathematical Information Environment+
(A. Letichevsky, J. Kapitonova & V. Volkov)

Vector Finite Difference Method

Approximate Quantified Constraint Solving By Cylindrical Box Decomposition


Application of GB technique to the geometry of pairs of Keplerian ellipses (K. Kholshevnikov & N.Vassiliev)

The Construction of Adaptive Control Systems for Transport Means.
(Z.Ilyichenkova & N.Zaharova)


Integrated Environment BARSIC as a Tool for Development and Run-Time Support of Research and Educational Software
(V. V. Monakhov, A. V. Kozhedub, S. B. Paramonov, E. Yu. Komarov & L. A. Evstegneev)

Universal algorithms and Idempotent Interval Analysis



The Identification of Continued Linear Dynamical Systems
(Z. Ilyichenkova, S. Ivanova & N. Zaharova)


Computation of Janet Bases. I. Monomial Bases
(V.Gerdt, Yu.Blinkov & D. Yanovich)

Universal Algorithms, Idempotent Mathematics and Interval Solutions of Optimization Problems
(G.Litvinov, A. Sobolevskii)







Computation of Janet Bases. II. Polynomial Bases
(V.Gerdt, Yu.Blinkov & D. Yanovich)

Analysis of Dynamic System with Interval Parametric Uncertainty: Stability Margins in the Frequency Domain
(F.Akhmedjanov & V.Krymsky)





Solving Ordinary Differential Equations by Equivalence Transformations




June 27th, Morning



Polynomial rootfinding and factorization
(Victor Pan)

On the Use of Derive and MathCad When Training Teachers of Mathematics
(O Lobanova)

Perturbed oscillators in resonance p:q:r
(A. Elipe & A. Riaguas)

Separability number and Schurity number of coherent configurations
(S. Evdokimov)

Inner estimation of a range of values


Developing Conceptual Understanding Through the Use of Computer Based Mathematics
(C. Glickman)

Structural invariant synthesis of the multiparametrical nonlinear systems
(A. Flegontov)

Discrete Optimization Problems with Interval Data: Connection between Pareto Set of Alternatives and the Set of Weak Solutions


How quickly can we split generic polynomials?


Learning Calculus of Several Variables with New Technologies
(F.Javier Gonzalez, A.Garcia*, F.Garcia, A.Franco, P. Franco, A. de la Villa, S.Hoya & G.Rodriguez)

On Using the Transformations of Coordinates in the Problems of Dynamics
(V. D. Irtegov & T. N. Titorenko)

Separability and Schurity of association schemes and the Graph Isomorphism Problem
(I. Ponomarenko)

Verification of Invertibility and Charting of Constraint Manifolds in Differential Algebraic Equations
(J.Hoefkens & M.Berz)


Lower bounds for the bilinear complexity of matrix multiplication and of associative algebras
(Markus Blaeser)

Computer Algebra and Functional Programming in Mathematics Education
(N.Kalinina* & L.Gorodnjaja)

On choosing scalings for series expansion in singular perturbation problems
(R. Khanin)

The Role of Circulant Graphs in Computer Science and How to Recognize Them Efficiently
(G. Tinhofer)

Differential Algebraic Structures and Verification




Completeness and Reduction in Algebraic Complexity
(Peter Buergisser)

The Solver HM: A New Software for Studying and Applying Mathematics

Evolution of caustics in dynamical systems with 2 degrees of freedom

Graphs, codes, and schemes from non-linear functions
(D. Fon-der-Flaass)

Best relative placement: a new ability for spatial processing
(M.Reza Malek & M.Hahn)


Decomposing Matrix Algebras
(Wayne Eberly & Mark Giesbrecht)

A Discrete Look at Elementary Functions

Computer Algebra and Random Regimes Analysis
(I. Poloskov)

Coding theory and uniform distributions
(M. Skriganov)

Friction Models with Interval Parameters
(N.Khlebalin & A.Kostikov)


Fast computations of Integer Determinants
(Mark Giesbrecht, Gilles Villard & Wayne Eberly)

MINOS SE - A New Symbolic Computation Package with Intuitive ("Natural Syntax") Interface

Solution of the principal resonance problem in the case of massless $\phi^4$ theory
(S. Vernov)

Computer search for Moore graphs

Combined Interval-Analytical Constraint Satisfaction in Declarative Geometry
(E.Roukoleev & D.Ushakov)




A Algebraic Algorithms and Complexity Victor Pan

B Computer Algebra Meets Education Vlasta Kokol-Voljc & Bernhard Kutzler

C Computer Algebra for Dynamical Systems and Mechanics Victor Edneral, Raya Khanin, Ilias Kotsireas & Nikolay Vassiliev

D Association Schemes and their Applications I. Ponomarenko & S. Evdokimov

E - Interval and Computer-Algebraic Methods in Science and Engineering
V. M. Nesterov & Vladik Kreinovich

June 28th, Morning



Efficient exponentiation in finite fields
(Joachim von zur Gathen)

Indispensable Manual Calculation Skills in a CAS Math Teaching Environment
(Bernhard Kutzler)

Recent results on central configurations
(I. Kotsireas)

LanHEP --- a package for automatic generation of Feynman rules from the Lagrangian

Morphisms and Binomial Ideals in Polynomial and Differential Polynomial Rings
(G.Carra' Ferro)


Complexity lower bounds of Positivstellensatz proofs
(Dima Grigoriev)

The application of Computer Algebra to Central configuration dynamics
(A. Rosaev)

Heat Invariants of Differential Operators on Manifolds with Torsion

Vector Representations of Involutive Divisions and Some New Involutive Divisions
(Yu-Fu Chen)


Accuracy and efficiency of parallel implementation of matrix multiplication

Experimenting with Mathematics by Mathematica
(G.Albano, C.D'Apice & R.Manzo)


Algebraic calculations of multipole matrix elements
(S. Yu. Slavyanov)

Involutive Algebraic and Differential Systems
(Vladimir Gerdt)


Systems of polynomial equations: normal forms and effective algorithms

Plotting and Function Graphs as tools to face problem solving: A study with 12-13 year olds using graphing calculators (E.Tenoch ,A.Cedillo )


Application of the Lambert W function in Perturbative Quantum Chromodynamics
(B. Magradze)




Computations with structured matrices

Some Unexpected Results Using Computer Algebra Systems
(A.Garcia*, F.Garcia, F.Alonso, A.de la Villa, S.Hoya & G. Rodriguez)


Do we need high-level languages in CA? The GiNaC approach

Geometric-Algebraic Completion of Linear Differential Equations
(M.Hausdorf & W.Seiler)


Solving polynomial systems of equations by Newton's method

Preliminary Phases Of The Conversion Step And Computer Algebra Systems


Calculation of Feynman diagrams in Computer Algebra

Application of Computer Algebra to Analysis of Differential Equations Systems Compatibility
(S.Meleshko & V.Shapeev)



A Certain Educational Course in Mechanics with Computer Algebra System
(M.Grosheva* & V. Samsonov)



Implementation of the Differential Involutive Algorithms in the CAS Maple VR5




A Algebraic Algorithms and Complexity Victor Pan

B Computer Algebra Meets Education Vlasta Kokol-Voljc & Bernhard Kutzler

C Computer Algebra for Dynamical Systems and Mechanics Victor Edneral, Raya Khanin, Ilias Kotsireas & Nikolay Vassiliev

D High Energy and Nuclear Physics Vyacheslav Ilyin, Michael Dubinin

& Andrei Semenov

E - Computer Algebra Application to Involutivity and Group Analysis of Differential Equations Vladimir Gerdt & Fritz Schwarz