M.Sh. Birman (1928-2009)

This page is dedicated to the life and work of a great mathematican Mikhail Shlemovich Birman. Here you can find the list of his research papers, the list of his monographs, and information about his editorial activities.

We have made an effort to collect all the papers and books by M.Sh. Birman, published over the years of his very fruitful mathematical career, in order to make these available in electronic form (in pdf and djvu formats). Where available, these files are easily accessible from the respective lists. Despite the fact that many of the texts in this collection are considered to be classical, they are seldom readily available for mathematicians in their paper form. We do hope that this collection will thus serve the needs of the mathematical community.

We have also decided to include some information on the life and work of M.Sh. Birman. In this area, you'll find three papers on this subject, as well as the list of M.Sh. Birman students, many of whom have also contributed to this project.

Finally, we have collected a few photos of M. Sh. Birman, which you will be able to view in the photo gallery.