International conference

Kantorovich Memorial
Mathematics and Economics:
Old Problems and New Approaches

January 8-13, 2004


EIMI, St Petersburg, RUSSIA

L.V.Kantorovich picture

    Biography of Leonid V. Kantorovich    
    written by Vsevolod L. Kantorovich    
    Leonid V. Kantorovich in pictures    
    designed by Joseph V. Romanovsky    
    Conference Portrait Gallery    
    pictures made by Vladimir F. Demyanov    
    Conference Photo Album    
    pictures made by Elena Novikova and Konstantin Kokhas'    




  • A. Bukhvalov (St.Petersburg)
  • K. Kokhas' (St.Petersburg)
  • E. Novikova (St.Petersburg)
  • V. Pavlov (Moscow)
  • V. Sergeev (Moscow)
  • V. Vasiliev (Novosibirsk)
  • A. Vershik (St.Petersburg, Chairman)

    The goals of the conference

    This Conference will be devoted to modern developments in and interconnections of mathematics and economics. Especial attention will be given to the areas that were studied by an outstanding economist and mathematician, a Nobel Prize winner, Leonid Kantorovich.

    Besides plenary lectures (1 hour) we are planning to organize seminars and round tables on the topics. One such option is "Applications of the Kantorovich-Monge problem in mathematics, economics, and hydrodynamics". We are working on the topics list. Your proposals are very much welcome.

    If you need a Russian visa, we will provide you with an official invitation needed for visa formalities.
    Please, fill out the registration form.
    Since this process requires a certain time, we need this information to be sent not later than November, 20.

    Final Program

    Final List of Participants

    First Announcement

    First Announcement (in Russian)

    Second Announcement



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