Leonhard Euler


Workshop on Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
July 13-18, 2007          Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Satellite Meeting for
The Festival dedicated to the 300th birthday of Leonhard EULER

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List of participants and talk titles

Emil Akhmedov
"Towards the theory of non-Abelian tensor fields"
Dmitri Aristov
"Luttinger liquids with curvature: density correlations and Coulomb drag effect".
Igor Burmistrov
"Coloumb blockade in a single electron transistor (circular brane model) and superuniversality of the theta angle"
Vadim Cheianov
"Universal behaviour of integrable chains near the optical absorption threshold"
Maxim Chernodub
"Topological magnetic component in gluon plasma"
Dmitri Diakonov
"Confining ensemble of dyons".
Alexander Dmitriev
"Classical memory effects in conductivity of 2D systems"
Konstantin Efetov
Guler Ergun
(University of Bath)
"Applications of Random Matrix Theory to complex networks"
Ludwig Faddeev
(Steklov, St. Petersburg)
Mikhail Feigel'man
Leonid Frankfurt
(Tel Aviv)
"Semiclassical approximation in QCD in Minkowski space"
Yan Fyodorov
"Glassy thermodynamics of a single particle in a high-dimensional random potential"
Yuri Galperin
Nikolay Gromov
(Ecole Normale / PNPI)
"Quasiclassical quantization of the string in nontrivial background by integrable classical structures"
Dmitri Ivanov
(EPFL, Switzerland)
"Quantum mechanics with a time-dependent random Hamiltonian from a Gaussian Unitary Ensemble: a sigma-model approach"
Valentin Kachorovskii
"Classical memory effects in conductivity of 2D systems"
Vladimir Kazakov
(Ecole Normale)
Supersymmetric Bethe Ansatz and Baxter Equations from Discrete Hirota Dynamics
Elena Klinovaya
(MIPT & Institute for Solid State Physics, Moscow)
Alexander Kovner
(University of Connecticut)
"Confinement, deconfinement and topological defects in two spatial dimensions"
Veniamin Kozub
"Electron dephasing at low temperatures" (preliminary)
Vladimir Kravtsov
(ICTP, Trieste)
"Eigenfunction correlation in multifractal metal and insulator"
Petr Kulish
(Steklov, St. Petersburg)
Zhanna Kuznetsova
(UFJF, Brasil)
" N-extended supersymmetric quantum mechanics: a classification of irreducible representations up to field contents and connectivities of associated diagrams"
Dmitry Levkov
(Institute for Nuclear Research, Moscow)
"Tunneling via unstable semiclassical solutions: a systematic approach"
Lev Lipatov
"Anomalous dimensions of twist-2 operators and Pomeron-graviton interplay in N=4 SUSY"
Yuriy Makhlin
"Quantum computing with solid-state qubits"
Andrey Malyshev
(Madrid / Ioffe)
Alexander Mirlin
(Karlsruhe / PNPI)
Boris Noyvert
" Superconformal algebras of parafermionic type"
Pavel Ostrovsky
"Electron transport in disordered graphene: Massless 2D Dirac fermions in random environment"
Alexander Panin
Pavel Pobylitsa
(Bochum / PNPI)
"Inequalities for Wilson loops"
Kirill Polovnikov
Dmitry Polyakov
"Strongly-correlated disordered electron systems in one dimension: Localization, pinning, and dephasing"
Pavel Putrov
(St. Petersburg State University)
Valery Rubakov
(INR, Moscow)
Kirill Semenov-Tian-Shansky
Sergey Slizovskiy
(Uppsala and PNPI)
Fedor Smirnov
(CNRS, Paris)
"Hidden fermionic structure in lattice integrable models"
Elena Sokolova
Daniel Sternheimer
(Keio University, Japan)
Grigory Volovik
(Landau / Helsinki)
"Euler equations and quantum gravity"
Nikolai Uraltsev
"Aspects of Heavy Quarks in QCD"
Alexei Yung
"Non-Abelian strings and monopoles in supersymmetric gauge theories"
Konstantin Zarembo
(Uppsala / ITEP)
"Worldsheet scattering in AdS(5)xS(5)"
Mikhail Zvonarev
"Mobile quantum impurity in one dimension"