Leonhard Euler

         Leonard Euler
         (1707 - 1783)

Symposium on Theoretical and Mathematical Physics
July 3-8, 2009          St. Petersburg, Russia

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    Euler International Mathematical Institute, St.Petersburg, Pesochnaya naberezhnaya, 10, on the south embankment of the river Malaya Nevka.
    The place is at equal 15'-20' walking distance from the metro stations "Petrogradskaya" and "Chyornaya Rechka", see the map. The entrance is from the embankment through the gate (press the bell button if closed). You walk along the 3-store yellow classical-style building and turn right to the court yard. The entrance into the building is next to Euler's monument.


    Here are the addresses and phone numbers of the hotels booked:

    The NORD hotel:
    Address: Kamennoostrovskii avenue, 73-75.
    Phone: +7 (812) 234 2970.
    A minihotel on the 7-th floor of an apartment building with the entrance from the courtyard.
    Visa and Master cards are accepted.
    Breakfast is included.
    NOTE: Ring "Hotel Nord" at the entrance, when entering the lift, ring "the hotel" again and then "7" to go up the 7'th floor.

    The NAUKA hotel:
    Address: Prospekt Engelsa, 65.
    Phone: (812) 293 8455.
    Metro station: Udel'naya.

    The ZLATOUST hotel:
    Address: Kamennoostrovskii avenue, 19.
    Phoe: (812) 233 3286
    Metro station: Petrogradskaya

    The addresses of other hotels will be communicated individually.

    The ANDERSEN hotel:
    A new modern business-class hotel with 140 rooms.
    4, Chapygina str. 7 min walk from the Symposium site.
    Phone: +7 (812) 740-51-40
    Metro station: Petrogradskaya

    The LETI hostel:
    Address: Torzhkovskaya, 15.
    Shower/wc in all rooms, no Breakfast.
    Metro station: Chyornaya rechka.
    2 km away from the Symposium site, easy to get to by bus or minibus. From the hostel to Pesochnaya embankment (naberezhnaya) taken Express-buses 252, 346, 298, 321, 46
    Buses 1,25,46
    Tram 40


    As of June 27, 1 Euro = 43.70 Rubles, $1 = 31.10 Rubles. There are plenty of exchange offices throughout the city, as well as ATM machines that deliver cash from the credit/debit cards. Many shops also accept cards. Don't change too much money in advance.


    From Pulkovo international airport: After you pass the customs, check if there is anyone with the "Euler International Mathematical Institute" poster. The person may drive you to your hotel or to the Euler Institute. The default cost is 900 Rubles. Don't use a private taxi that looks suspicious, ask if the driver can give you a regular receipt.

    If you wish to save money, it is not too difficult to reach the Institute or your hotel by public transportation. Take bus 13 or minibus going to the metro station "Moskovskaya" (20-25 Rubles). Take the metro (you have to buy a token to enter, 20 Rubles) going north, the blue line. Depending on your goal, get out at "Petrogradskaya" or "Chyornaya rechka".

    From Moscow railway station: Go underground and take the metro train, the green line, and change at the next stop "Nevsky prospect" to the blue line, then go to "Petrogradskaya" or "Chyornaya rechka".

    From both stations, you either walk or you can take bus no. 1 or 46 or trolley-bus no. 34 that goes to Pesochnaya Naberezhnaya (two stops, 18 Rubles), or minibuses no. 46, 76, 127, 252, 298, 346, and 321 (20 Rubles). You should ask to stop before the Kamennoostrovskij most (bridge) if you go from "Petrogradskaya", or just after it if you go from "Chyornaya rechka".


    Registration starts at 8:30 on July 3d.
    A short opening address is at 9:30, immediately followed by the first talk. Late registration is possible during breaks but please avoid it if you can.

    The conference fee is 100 Euro = $140 = 4370 Rubles payable in cash in any of the three currencies, cards excluded. You'll be given a receipt. The fee for the participants from Russian institutions is paid from the RFBR grant. The fee is used to cover lunches, coffee breaks, the welcome and farewell parties, and the boat trip with the conference dinner on board, plus some other minor items.
    If an accompanying person participates, the fee is increased accordingly.


    Free lunches for registered participants will be served at a sushi restaurant 10' walk from the Euler Institute at about 13:30, near the Kamenoostrovskij bridge. If you plan to skip the lunch please tell so at the secretaries' desk before the beginning of the morning session - otherwise the restaurant will bill the Symposium budget.

    Unregistered participants are welcome to join but they have to announce their will and pay at the secretaries' desk before 9:30, for a seat to be booked. There is another restaurant nearby at the Dvorets Molodezhi, also 10' walk but down the river.

    There will be two coffee/tea breaks, in the morning and in the afternoon, free of charge to everyone


    Following the general idea of the Symposium there will be talks on condensed matter and high energy/mathematical physics, mixed up almost in an antiferromagnet order (but with some frustrations). We urge the speakers to present their topics in a pedagogical way understandable to all parties. The chairpersons are instructed to leave ample time for questions and discussions after each talk, so please do not use the full time as in the schedule, for your presentation!

    Best if you bring an USB memory stick with a .pdf or .ppt file to plug it into the local computer beforeyour session starts: unless you forbid, we would like to post your presentation on the Symposium site so that many people could enjoy it! There is also a large blackboard in the audience.

    The Institute has several free offices with blackboards where you can discuss things with your friends.


    Several computers will be available for that. Ask the secretariat for the login password, and other advice.


    It's the best time of year in a beautiful city. We intend to end the official programme before 18:00 every day. Ask for maps and city guides in your hotel or from the secretaries' desk. The "white nights" with dim light at midnight and bridges hanging up in the sky leaving space for big boats, are especially spectacular. It is also high season in theatres and concert halls.

    When ranging the city beware, however, of street thefts. Don't carry large amounts of cash, always keep a close eye on your purse and camera. An experienced thief will take it out of your backpack before you notice it! There are street gangs that specialize on tourists. A good security idea is not to be alone.

    On Sunday, July 5th there will be no talks in the afternoon, only "group work". We scheduled a boat trip along the Neva starting at 8 PM, which will be accompanied by the conference dinner.


    Is unpredictable. The average temperature in July is about 18 C. It is usually 20+ C during the day, seldom above 30 C. It may be rainy. Check the forecast.


    +7 (812) 234 0574 (EIMI office)
    +7 960 279 1037 (cell) Nadia Zalesskaya
    +7 952 201 4874 (cell) Yanina Shibaeva
    +7 911 027 2860 (cell) Dmitri Diakonov, also +7 (812) 271 3457 (home)
    +7 (812) 234 9245 (EIMI guard on duty; does not necessarily speak English)
    01 (fire) 02 (police) 03 (medical emergency); for Russian speakers "911": +7 (812) 275 0810
    It may turn helpful to learn your country consulate tel. number.