Euler IMI

Polynomial Computer Algebra '2010

St. Petersburg, Russia
April 2 - 7, 2010

The Conference will be devoted to modern polynomial algorithms in Computer Algebra which are gaining importance in various applications of science as well as in fundamental researches.

Conference chair:   N. Vasiliev

Organizing committee: N. Vasiliev, E. Novikova, Ya. Shibaeva (secretary), N. Zalesskaya (secretary)

Program committee: B.Buchberger (Schloss Hagenberg, Austria), V.Gerdt (Dubna, Russia), P.Gianni (Pisa, Italy), D.Grigoriev (Bonn, Germany), V.Pan (New York, USA), L.Robbiano (Genova, Italy), D. Stefanescu (Bukharest, Romania), N.Vasiliev (St. Petersburg, Russia), A. Vershik (St. Petresburg, Russia), S.Watt (Western Ontario, Canada).

Groebner bases
Combinatorics of monomial orderings
Differential bases
Involutive algorithms
Computational algebraic geometry
Polynomial differential operators
Parallelization of algorithms
Quantum computing
Tropical manifolds
Matrix algorithms
Complexity of algorithms

Official languages: English, Russian.

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Extended abstracts of presentations in English up to 4 pages (pdf-file prepared using LaTeX) should be submitted before 2 March. The collection of abstracts is going to be published before the Conference

Do not hesitate to contact the organizers by the following E-mail address: