Topology, Geometry, and Dynamics:
Rokhlin Memorial

January 11-16, 2010. Saint Petersburg, Russia


D.AfanasievOn minimal diagrams of virtual knots
P.Akhmet'ev Asymptotic invariants of links
K.Bauman In search of the minimal Peano curve
Y.Bibikov Invariant tori of systems with cubic restoring force
L.Birbrair Metric properties of singularities of complex algebraic surfaces
R.Bogdanov Nonlocal integrals in quantum mechanics
M.Bozejko Generalized Gaussian random variables with applications
V.Buchstaber TBA
D.Burago On topological aspects of the Dvoretzky theorem
A.Chernavskii Homeomorphisms of $\R^n$
P.Cheung The Witten genus and vertex algebras
B.Chevallier M-curves of small degree with many nests
H.Chtioui Existence results for the prescribed scalar curvature on $S^3$
F.Cohen Generalized moment-angle complexes
L.Diaz Robust cycles (homoclinic tangencies and heterodimensional cycles)
N.Dolbilin Parallelohedra: classic and new results, the Voronoi problem
S. Duzhin Short circuit closure of braids, Conwat polynomial and Drinfeld associator
J.Eichhorn Analytic torsion for open manifolds
N.Erokhovets Buchstaber invariant of simple polytopes
A.Florinskiy Discrete dynamical systems and a conversion of Hutchinson's theorem
T.Fomenko On the stability of cascade search
A.Gaifullin Realisation of cycles by aspherical manifolds
A.Garber On equivalence classes of separated nets
K.Gelfert Non-hyperbolic structures of geodesic flows on rank-1 surfaces
A.Gierzkiewicz Cohomological properties of isolating blocks
A.Glazyrin Lower bounds for the cube simplexity
D.Gugnin The graded theory of Frobenius $n$-homomorphisms, and applications
B.Gurevich (with S.Komech) On geometric meaning of entropy for some dynamical systems
G.Gusev Monodromy zeta-function of a polynomial on a complete intersection and Newton polyhedra
Y.Ilyashenko Thick and bony attractors
D.Ilyutko Framed 4-valent graphs: Euler tours, Gauss circuits and rotating circuits
I.Jabbarov On the convergence exponent on the singular integral in the two-dimensional Tarry problem
V.Kalnitsky The Kobayashi theorem extension
G.Khimshiashvili Configuration spaces as intersections of quadrics
Y.Kifer Nonconventional limit theorems
S.Kislyakov (Non)isomorphism of Banach spaces of smooth functions. A survey
G.Kolutsky The Hilbert-Smale problem: some upper estimates on the number of limit cycles
D.Krylov Parity and relative parity in knot theory
S.Kryzhevich C-bifurcation and chaos in discontinuous system
Y.Kudryashov Bony attractors in random and smooth dynamical systems
A.Kustarev Almost complex quasi-toric manifolds
M.Lemanczyk Rokhlin cocycles and the problem of multipliers in ergodic theory
G.Leonov et all Upper Hausdorff dimension estimates for the global attractors of nonautonomous systems
S.Luzzatto Towers in dynamics
A.Magazinov On the number of bi-Lipschitz classes of Delone sets
V.Makeev TBA
V.Manturov Parity in knot theory and low-dimensional topology
S.Melikhov Combinatorics of combinatorial topology
R.Mikhailov Derived functors in homotopy theory
A.Mishchenko Signature of manifolds with proper action of a discrete group and the Hirzebruch type formula
O.Mokhov On realization of flat and non-flat Frobenius manifolds as submanifolds in pseudo-Euclidean space
Y.Muranov Surgery on filtered manifolds
D.Orlov TBA
V.Oseledets The entropy of Erdos measure for m-nacci number
G.Osipenko Invariant measures and symbolic image
A.Osipov Lipschitz periodic shadowing
I.Panin TBA
G.Panina Singularities of saddle spheres
T.Panov Torus actions and complex cobordism
A.Papadopoulos Actions of mapping class groups
M.Pevzner Some aspects of the covariant quantization of symmetric spaces
S.Podkorytov Order of a homotopy invariant in the stable case
A.Prikhodko On mixing local rank one systems and applications
D.Repovs Applications of controlled surgery in dimension 4
K.Rerikh Algebraic integrability of functional equations and dynamical systems defined by birational mappings
I.Schurov Canard cycles in generic slow-fast systems on the two-torus
E.Shchepin V. I. Arnold's problem on dimension raising mappings of cubes
O.Sheinman Lax operator algebras and Hamiltonian integrable hierarchies
A.Skopenkov A classification of embeddings $S^1\times S^3\to R^7$
A.Smirnov TBA
M.Stepanova Virtual transformations of spherical Gauss diagrams
A.Tarasov (with O.Musin) The strong thirteen spheres problem
J.Thouvenot Joinings and weak convergence of nonconventional ergodic averages
S.Tikhomirov Connections between shadowing property and structural stability
E.Troitsky Reidemeister numbers: dynamics, algebra, and analysis
N.Vavilov New versions of localisation method, and applications
A.Vershik Rokhlin's ideas in ergodic theory and its modern developement
A.Vinogradov Algebraic topology of commutative algebras
D.Volk Thin attractors
B.Weiss Rigidity of group actions on homogeneous spaces, III
J.Wu On Brunnian-type links and the link invariants given by homotopy groups of spheres
A.Zheglov Higher KP systems and formal punctured ribbons
A.Zhubr 3-Dimensional knots in 2-connected closed 6-manifolds
V.Zinchenko Smooth almost $\Delta$-bundles with polyhedron as their base
P.Zograf Large genus asymptotics of the Weil-Petersson volumes
V.Zvonilov Deformations of real trigonal curves of type I on ruled surfaces