Analytical Methods of Celestial Mechanics

September 26-30, 2012,

Euler International Mathematical Institute,
St. Petersburg, RUSSIA

Registration and talks will take place at the Euler Institute.

The EIMI address: Pesochnaya naberezhnaja, 10, ("naberezhnaja" means "embankment"). The place is near the river Malaya Nevka, at equal distances (15-20 min. on foot) from the metro stations "Petrogradskaya" and "Chernaya Rechka". Look at our metro scheme at
and find the mark "X" on the map at

You can find the EIMI on the map:

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You can reach the Euler Institute:

from metro station "Petrogradskaya", two stops by trolleybus 34, or by bus 1, 46, or by minibuses (you should ask to stop before the Kamennoostrovski most(bridge)) 46, 76, 127, 252, 298, 346;
from metro station "Chernaya Rechka" , two stops by tram 40, bus 1 and 46, or trolleybus 34 or by minibuses 46, 76, 98, 127, 252, 298, 346, 690 (you should ask to stop after the Kamennoostrovski most(bridge)) and 321 (you should ask to stop near the Vyazemski garden);
from metro station "Chkalovskaya", by minibus 98, 321 or by bus 1.

Below you can find the phone numbers you can call in case of any difficulties upon your arrival:
EIMI security (guard): (+7 812) 234 9245

Nadia Zalesskaya: +7 960 2791037 (cell)
(or 007-960- 2791037 if you call from abroad)