Polynomial Computer Algebra '2012

April 23-28, 2012

Euler International Mathematical Institute,
St. Petersburg, RUSSIA

Accommodation in St.Petersburg

For those who request a hotel in their registration form we make a preliminary reservation in accordance with their requests.

The hotel Nauka, korpus 2 http://www.nauka-hotel.ru/rooms/ , is a budget type accommodation. The rates there are from 800 rub for a bed in a twin (double) room to 1600 -2000 for a single room. The address of the hotel is Engelsa pr., 65. which is about 1 hour ride from the EIMI.

Mini hotels are all at a walking distance from the EIMI.They are up to 10-room-hotels occupying full floors of some apartment buildings. If you indicate in the registration form that you wish to stay at a mini hotel, we make a reservation at the "Popov" hotel, , "Nord hotel" "5 vecherov" or "Zlatoust hotel".

The Popov mini-hotel http://hotel-popov.ru/eng/main.html, at Professora Popova st., 26 , the rates are from 2900 for a single to 3500 for a double.

The Nord hotel http://www.hotelnord.spb.ru/rus/rooms/, is on the 7-th floor of an apartment building, 5 min walk to the institute, has only 3 single rooms for 2500 rub and 6 double rooms for 3600-3900 rub.

5 vecherov http://www.5vecherov.ru/rooms/index.html at Kamenoostrovskii, d.54/31, has only 5 rooms ranging from 2700 to 4800 rub per night.

The Zlatoust hotel http://www.zlat-hotel.ru/eng/ is 2 km from the EIMI but closer to the City center then others.

Another option is the Andersen (***) hotel, http://www.andersenhotel.ru/eng/, a short walking distance from the institute. The rates are approximately 3200 -3800 RUB per night for a double as well as for a single.