Third St.Petersburg Days

August 24-26, 2015

Euler International Mathematical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

Accepted talks

  • Frode Bjørdal "The Isolation of the Definable Real Numbers with Domination and Capture in Librationist Set Theory"
  • A. Chubaryan, A. Tshitoyan "Improvement of lower bounds for steps and sizes of proofs in Frege systems"
  • Radhakrishnan Delhibabu "Dynamics of Belief: Abduction, Horn Knowledge Base And Database Updates"
  • Misha Gavrilovich "Point set topology as diagram chasing computations"
  • Gerasimov A.S. " Infinite-valued first-order Lukasiewicz logic: calculi without structural rules and proof search for prenex sentences"
  • Brice Halimi "Geometric Modal Logic"
  • Harrison A., Lifschitz V., Pearce D., Valverde, A. "A Direct Proof of Hosoi's Theorem"
  • E.F. Karavaev "Probability Theory and Logic: the ‘Elective Affinity’"
  • Vladik Kreinovich, Olga Kosheleva "Physics-Motivated Intuitionistic Math"
  • Sergey A. Melikhov "A Galois connection between classical and intuitionistic logics: Syntax and semantics"
  • Saveliev Denis I. "On modal logic of topological dynamics"
  • Shehtman V.B. "On the depth of modal and intermediate logics"
  • Shilov N.V. "Program Schemata Technique Thirty Years After"
  • Dmitrij Skvortsov "A New (Simpler) Solution to Ono's Problem on the Strong Completeness for Intermediate Predicate Logics"
  • Anatol Slissenko "On Entropic Convergence of Algorithms"
  • Sergei Soloviev "Ideas of G.E. Mints in Categorical Theory of Proofs: 40 Years of Development "
  • Vladimir A. Stepanov "Truth theory for logic of self-reference statements as a hypercomplex structure"
  • Vladimirov A.A. "Constructive separable nets"