International Conference on Wavelets and Applications

June 18-23 , 2015,
Euler International Mathematical Institute, St. Petersburg, RUSSIA

The international conference "Wavelets and Applications, June 18-23, 2015, St. Petersburg, Russia" will be held at the Euler International Mathematical Institute.

Main topics of the conference

  • wavelet bases and frames;
  • multiresolution and wavelet methods;
  • wavelets on locally compact groups;
  • greedy algorithms;
  • subdivision schemes;
  • signal analysis and processing.

  • Related topics

  • approximation theory;
  • functional analysis.

    The meeting will feature 1-hour plenary talks, 40-minute and 20-minute invited talks, and 20-minute contributed talks, as well as a poster session. The total number of 20-minute contributed talks is limited. Information about abstract submission will be given in the second announcement.

    Tentative list of Plenary Speakers

  • A. Averbuch (Israel)
  • M. Bownik (USA)
  • P. Casazza, USA
  • N. Chernych (Russia)
  • N. Dyn (Israel)
  • B. Han (Canada)
  • E. Hernandez (Spain)
  • V. Protasov (Russia)
  • M. Tchobanou (Russia)
  • V. Temlyakov (USA)
  • The conference is organized by: Euler International Mathematical Institute, St. Petersburg State University and Voronezh State University

    Organizing committee

    I. Novikov and M. Skopina - co-chairmen
    A.Krivoshein and E. Lebedeva -secretaries
    N. Zalesskaya - accommodation
    T. Vinogradova - visa

    Program committee:

    Yu. Demyanovich (Russia), B. Han (Canada), I. Krishtal (USA), I. Novikov (Russia), J. Prestin (Germany), M. Skopina (Russia), V. Temlyakov (USA), V. Zheludev (Israel)

    The registration fee is 110 Euro, plus the visa processing fee of 20 Euro. Participants from Ukraine are released from payment of the registration fee. The registration fee may be reduced for the participants working in CIS-countries if we get financial support from Russian Foundation for Basic Research.

    Conference Email: ConferenceWLA2015@gmail.com

    Arrival day is June 17, 2015
    Departure day is June 24, 2015
    Registration is open.

    The registration deadline: March 15, 2015

    We hope that the time spent at the conference will be not only useful for scientific exchanges, but also pleasant due to the historical places and cultural treasures of St. Petersburg in the most impressing time of a year - midnight sun.

    The abstract submission

    The book of abstracts will be published by the beginning of the conference.
    Abstracts should be sent to the conference e-mail address as attachment of LaTeX files.
    Abstract should be in English according to our sample (see "Abstracts template" at the site).
    The abstract should not exceed two pages.

    The abstract submission deadline: April 15, 2015