• St. Petersburg

    May 23–26, 2019

    Days of Logic and Computability IV
    St. Petersburg


The Euler IMI has a preliminary reservation at the Andersen hotel. Please indicate if you wish to have it booked for you at registration. Please confirm the dates of your stay as soon as your travel dates are determined by e-mail to Ms Natalia Kirshner (kirshnern@gmail.com).

It is also possible to book the mini–hotels, which are all at a walking distance from the EIMI. They are up to 10–room–hotels occupying full floors of some apartment buildings. If you wish to stay in a mini–hotel, please do it directly or through our partner Ms Zlata Gravshina (vgravshina@mail.ru).

Address: 4, Chapygina str., 197022, St.Petersburg, Russia.
Phone: +7–812–740–51–40
E-mail: office@andersenhotel.ru
Breakfast is included.
Visa and Master cards are accepted.
A limited number of rooms at special prices 4500–4900 rubles will be available for participants of the Conference. Please indicate in your registration form that you want to book us the Andersen hotel.

Address: 14, Karpovka Embankment, 197136, St.Petersburg, Russia.
Phone: +7–812–644–53–47
E-mail: amsterdam@eurasia-hotel.ru
Visa and Master cards are accepted.

Address: 65, Prospekt Engelsa, St.Petersburg, Russia.
Phone: +7–812–293–84–55.
E-mail: booking@hotel-nauka.ru

Address: 26, Professora Popova str., St.Petersburg, Russia.
Phone: +7–812–922–38–14
E-mail: hotel-flat4@yandex.ru

Address: Appt. 6, 22, Vosstania str., 191014, St.Petersburg, Russia.
Phone: +7–812–577–36–91, +7–911–193–36–40
E-mail: 5vecherov@mail.ru

Address: 73–75, Kamenoostrovskii pr., St.Petersburg, Russia.
Phone: +7–812–234–39–30, +7–812–234–08–28
E-mail: hotelnord@mail.ru
The mini–hotel is on the 7th floor of an apartment building. Five min walk to the institute, and it has only 3 single rooms and 6 double rooms. The breakfast is included.

Address: 19, Kamenoostrovskii pr., St.Petersburg, Russia.
Phone: +7–812–233–32–86, +7–905–233–32–60
E-mail: hotelk19@zlat.spb.ru