International conference on Geometry in the Large

dedicated to the 90th birthday of Victor Toponogov

September 14-19, 2020

Euler International Mathematical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia


Scam advisory: All requested hotel bookings will be made by Euler Institute. We will never ask for bank or credit card details over email or phone. If you receive such a request, it is a scam. Several cases of similar scams have been reported by organizers and participants of other conferences..

For those who requested a hotel in the registration form the Euler IMI has made a preliminary reservation at the

Andersen hotel: http://www.andersenhotel.ru/eng/ Address: 4, Chapygina str., 197022, St.Petersburg, Russia Phone: +7 (812) 740-5140 Breakfast is included. The prices for singles and doubles are 4500 rbl- 4900 rbl. Visa and Master cards are accepted.
Please indicate your wish to have it booked for you at registration.Or write to Natalia Kirshner

If you wish to stay in a mini-hotel (listed below are the nearest to the Euler Institute) please book it directly or through our partner : Ms Zlata Gravshina.

Mini hotels are all at a walking distance from the EIMI.They are up to 10-room-hotels occupying full floors of some apartment buildings.

The Popov mini-hotel http://hotel-popov.ru/eng/main.html, at Professora Popova st., 26 , the rates are from 3200 for a single to 3500 for a double.

Amber House http://amber-house.spb.ru/index.html at Kamenoostrovskii, d.54/31, has only 5 rooms ranging from 3500 to 4800 rub per night.

The NORD Hotel: http://www.hotelnord.spb.ru/eng/ is on the 7-th floor of an apartment building, 5 min walk to the institute, has only 3 single rooms for 3000 rub and 6 double rooms for 3900-4200 rub.Breakfast is included.
Address: Kamennoostrovskii avenue, 73-75.
Phone: +7 (812) 234 2970.