Correlation functions of quantum integrable systems

dedicated to 75-th anniversary of Anatoli Izergin

9-13 May 2022

Euler International Mathematical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia

Due to the Covid–19 pandemic, the conference is rescheduled to 9-13 May 2022

Program Committee:

N. M. Bogoliubov
N. A. Kitanine
A. G. Pronko
N. Yu. Reshetikhin
N. A. Slavnov
F. A. Smirnov
M. B. Zvonarev

            Anatoli Izergin

Organizing Committee

N. A. Kitanine (Univ. of Dijon, France) - co-chair
A. G. Pronko (Steklov Math. Inst., St. Petersburg)
N. A. Slavnov (Steklov Math. Inst., Moscow) – chair
M. B. Zvonarev (Univ. of Sacley-Paris, France, and Steklov Math. Inst., St. Petersburg)

Local Сoordinators

Natalia Kirshner
Tatiana Vinogradova
Nadia Zaleskaya

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Confirmed Speakers

R. Behrend
S. Belliard
H. Boos
F. Colomo
Ph. Di Francesco
F. Gohmann
S. Khoroshkin
V. Korepin
K. Kozlowski
J.-M. Maillet
G. Niccoli
B. Nienhuis
Kh. Nirov
S. Pakuliak
E. Ragoucy
A. Razumov
N. Reshetikhin
H. Rosengren
D. Serban
J. Suzuki
F. Smirnov
T. Takebe
R. Weston
A. Zabrodin

The quantum integrable systems are represented by models of the quantum mechanics (one-dimensional Bose- and Fermi-gases, the Heisenberg spin chain, the Hubbard model, etc) as well as by models of the statistical mechanics (vertex model, dimers models, loop models, etc). They share the property to be closely related to the quantum Yang-Baxter relation, which ensures their integrability. While the subject of quantum integrable systems is widely recognized as a part of modern mathematical physics, it also intimately connected with other branches of mathematics, such as geometry, analysis, probability, combinatorics, as well as other branches of physics, such as condensed matter physics, quantum field theory, conformal field theory, quantum quench theory, and many others.

Correlation functions play an important role in the study of quantum integrable systems. Their exact evaluation is of primary interest due to quantum integrability, which makes this task feasible. In solution of the problem many significant achievements were made recently. The present conference is devoted to share new results and ideas which can make an impart on further development of the subject.

The event is dedicated to 75-th anniversary of Anatoli Georgievich Izergin (1945-1999), who made a significant contribution to the theory of quantum integrable models.

The conference is supported by Grant PSG 1250 ( Russian-Swiss research grant) and financial support by Chebyshev laboratory (SPbGU).