Prof. James Lawry

was staying in St.Petersburg from 2.06.1997 to 11.06.1997

He participated in Annual International Seminar "DIFFRACTION DAYS - 97" where he had a talk

'Complex rays in a description of S* wave'

and in International meeting "New Asymptotic and Numerical Methods in Diffraction" where he had a talk

'Recent developments in Diffraction in UK'

His visit to EIMI was also very important for a completion of a paper by V.M.Babich, A.P.Kiselev, J.Lawry and A.S.Starkov 'Internal reflections, real rays and exponential asymptotics'.
          Application for participation in EIMI program

                      TET-A-TET IN RUSSIA

    I. Western participant(s)
       1) family name                       Lawry
       2) given name(s)                     James
       3) degree, title(s)                  Ph D
       4) affiliation                       OCCIAM Math Institute Oxford University
       5) position                          Postdoc
       6) mailing address                   24-27 St.Giles' Oxford UK
       7) e-mail address          
       8) phone number
       9) FAX number

    II. Russian participant(s)
       1) family name                       KIselev
       2) given name                        Alexey
       3) patronimic                        Prohorovich
       4) degree, title(s)                  Dr Phys-Math Sci
       5) affiliation                       Inst Problem Mashinivedenia RAN
       6) position                          V.N.S.
       7) mailing address                   V.O.Bolshoy 61 199178 SPb
       8) e-mail address          
       9) phone number                      291 07 64
      10) FAX number                        217 86 14

    III. Subject of joint work (a few phrases)
         Real Rays in Internal Reflection

    IV. Desired duration  ... days/weeks/month in the period
        from 6 to 11 June 1997