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Laboratory of Mathematical Problems of Geophysics
Head of Laboratory:  Professor   V.М.Babich
Members Research
V.М.Babich  Head of Laboratory
М.I.Belishev  Leading Research Fellow
V.B.Filippov  Leading Research Fellow
А.P.Kachalov  Leading Research Fellow
N.Ya.Kirpichnikova  Leading Research Fellow
А.P.Kiselev  Leading Research Fellow
A.P.Krauklis  Research Fellow
P.V.Krauklis  Senior Research Fellow
L.А.Molotkov  Leading Research Fellow
М.М.Popov  Leading Research Fellow
Z.А.Yanson  Research Fellow
Exact solutions of wave problems from the point of view of applications of these solutions to the numeric calculation of wave phenomena of different nature were studied.

Asymptotic methods of solution of wave problems, i.e. the spaceЩtime ray method, the method of Gaussian bundles, were developed, which can be used for representation of a wave field both in the area of regularity of the ray and in the caustics.

On the basis of the developed exact and asymptotic methods of solution of wave problems computer programs for numeric solution of these problems were constructed and engineering methods of solution of wave problems in media of complex structure were developed.

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