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Alphabetical  Staff  List  
A-C D-I K L-O P-R S T-Z Students
Name Position Laboratory E-mail
 Derkachev S.A. Senior Research Fellow Math. Problems of Physics derkach
 Dolzhenkova T.A. Head of Personnel   Department Administration dolzhen
 Dubtsov E.S. Senior Research Fellow Math. analysis dubtsov
 Durov N.V. Senior Research Fellow Algebra and Number Theory douroff
 Duzhin S.V. Senior Research Fellow Representation Theory duzhin
 Evdokimov S.A. Leading Research Fellow Algebra and Number Theory evdokim
 Faddeev L.D. Director of Euler IMI Math. Problems of Physics faddeev
 Filippov V.B. Leading Research Fellow Math. Problems of Geophysics filippov
 Filonov N.D. Senior Fellow Math. physics filonov
 Fomenko О.М. Leading Research Fellow Algebra and Number Theory fomenko
 Gamal M.F. Research Fellow Math. analysis gamal
 Goluzina Е.G. Research Fellow Math. analysis goluzina
 Gordin М.I. Senior Research Fellow Stat. methods gordin
 Gorodishenina Е.А. Assistant of Publishing Sector Publishing
 Hirsch E.А. Leading Research Fellow Math. logic hirsch
 Ibragimov I.А. Principal Research Fellow Stat. methods ibr32
 Ishkhanov V.V. Senior Research Fellow Algebra and Number Theory ishkhan
 Ivanov S.V. Leading Research Fellow Geometry and Topology svivanov
 Ivanov А.А. Leading Research Fellow Geometry and Topology aaivanov

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