Arnold's Seminar: Schedule for Autumn 1997

September 9
V. I. Arnold. Problem list.
September 16
D. Panov. Parabolic lines on surfaces and gradient maps.
(English summary, Russian summary.)
September 23
Benedetto Piccoli (SISSA, Trieste). Generic classification of time optimal synthesis on the plane.
September 30
P.E.Pushkar'. Sturm theory and symplectic geometry. (Summary in Russian: Cyrillic, Transliteration).
October 7
S.Lando. Topological classification of branched coverings over S^2.
October 14
M.Shapiro. The number of components in the complement of two trains.
October 21
S.Yakovenko. On the number of zeroes of a complete hyperelliptic integral.
October 28
D.Panov. Parabolic curves and gradient maps.
November 4
N.A.Nekrasov. Singularity theory and quantum gravitation.
November 11
Ya.G.Mostovoy. Rational loops in RP^n.
November 18
S.S.Anisov. Topological complexity of fiberings over S^1 with fiber T^2 and continuous fractions.
November 25
V.A.Vassiliev, V.E.Turchin. Indices of degenerate singular knots and 2-connected graphs.
December 2
V.I.Arnold. Legendrian Sturm theory.
December 9
V.M.Zakalyukin, R.Uribe. The convex theorem of Darboux and aggregations in mathematical economics.
December 16
V.M.Zakalyukin, R.Uribe Previous talk continued.
December 23
Andrei Inshakov. Arnold type invariants of curves in two-dimensional manifolds.
(Summary in Russian: Cyrillic, Transliteration),

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