Other publications

M. Sh. Birman. Some applications of extension theory of positive definite operators, PhD thesis, Leningrad State Univ., Leningrad, 1953. Russian: (pdf|djvu)
M. Sh. Birman. Spectra of singular boundary value problems, D.Sc. thesis, Leningrad State pedagodical institute, Leningrad, 1962. Russian: (pdf|djvu)
M. Sh. Birman. A proof of the Fredholm trace formula as an application of a simple embedding for kernels of integral operators of trace class in , Dept. of Maths, Likoping Univ. report LITH-MAT-R-89-30, 1989. English: (pdf|djvu)
M. Sh. Birman, M. Z. Solomyak. Lectures on double operator integrals, a mini-course given by the authors at the Mittag-Leffler Institute, 2002. English: (pdf|djvu)