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Uppsala scandal

Immediate Reaction

An official notification of the resignation was made by the prefect on the next day.

A short message of Professor Sten Kaijser followed. There were several public messages thanking Sten for this message. Many people sent messages to Burglind and Oleg with expression of sympathy and support.

The next day, February 10, the most remarkable and valuable letter of sympathy came, a letter from Lennart Carleson.

In an issue of February 11, Upplands Radio notified about the event. It was entitled "Uppsala University bought resignation of two professors". The names of the professors or even the name of the department were not mentioned.

An Uppsala local newspaper "Uppsala Nya Tidning" published two articles on February 13: this and that.

Local media

There were many subsequent publications in Uppsala Nya Tidning: on March 28, April 17, April 30, May 4, June 5, June 10, June 12, June 17, June 21, June 25, July 5, July 21, July 23, July 31, August 26, September 2, September 4, September 5.

The publication on April 30 was entitled "The loyal person at Uppsala University stays silent?". For an English translation approved by the author of the article see here..

In the article on July 23 (English translation) the same author expresses deep concern about the absense of clear reasons for the measures against the professors and concludes "This reminds by far too much a political culture significant for societies with a form of government completely different from ours."

On May 4 (unauthorised English translation) the rector holds that academic freedom is still guaranteed and makes further allegations disproved in the sequel, see also the article July 31.

In the article published by UNT on June 10, three employees of the Mathematics Department presented their impression about the conflict at the department and the investigation of work place environment. Here is the English translation by the authors.

Later (English translation of the article in UNT July 31) three employees of the department reject accusations made by the Dean.

The article on June 25 presents the position of the trade union English translation.

The dimension of defamation in the article in UNT on September 2, (Unauthorized English translation) is so far unexampled in the story and led to well-argumented reactions on September 4, English translation, and September 5, English translation, in UNT. On September 8th the Vice-Chancellor handed over a prize to the author of the September 2 article " for an authorship filled of learning and of rare breadth and sharpness. In a series of works, where popular writing is united with scientific depth, the Swedish cultural heritage is brought to life."

In the September issue, English translation, of the Uppsala student's newspaper "Ergo" an article is published with the heading "The Vice-Chancellor is spreading untruths". In defense the Vice-Chancellor declares the tape-recording of the meeting on February 8th as a "testimony of one of the involved parties whose objectivity can be questioned."

Upplands radio conducts interviews and presents a review of the conflict at Uppsala University http://www.se.se/cgi-bin/uppland/nyheter/ . Some of the interviews are conducted in English and documented by English sound files though the summarizing text on the radio website is in Swedish. The Swedish federation of Trade Unions directed strong critics towards the Vice-chancellor. Lennart Carleson spoke about the biggest academic scandal over 50 years. An English translation of the summarizing texts of the interviews with the Union's chairman and Lennart Carleson are presented with a kind permission of Upplands radio. The whole collection of interviews constitutes a remarkable composition on the event. English translations of the reporter's summarizing texts are presented with permission of Upplands radio.

National Level

Bo Berndtsson reported about the case to the Justice Ombudsman "as deeply unethical and unjust treatment of the two professors by the rector", see also English translation approved by the author.

A provoking article in DN August 22, English translation presented with the author's permission questioned the right of Uppsala University to bear the name "university" after the university management transgressed fundamental academic principles fixed in the Bologna Magna Charta.

International Scholar Community

European Mathematical Society made a press release on the EMS web-page http://www.emis.de/press.html.

Besides the press release, the page contains also the following documents:

Page 15 of the June 2007 issue of the EMS newsletters is devoted the case.