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Uppsala University scandal

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Uppsala scandal

On February 8, 2007 two chaired professors of Uppsala University resigned from their positions and were awarded with 2.2 millions Swedish crowns each.

This happened as a result of their meetings with Anders Hallberg, rector magnificus of Uppsala University.

The meetings were voice recorded. To make these exciting examples of the modern management style available, the professors made English transcripts of the voice recordings. The professors consider this a service to the scholar community.

The story arosed interest of the scholar community and the whole society. The interest was amplified by several outstanding circumstances.

The events in Uppsala generated a broad reaction both in Sweden and outside.

On May 19-25, 2008 Stockholm University with support of the Markus Wallenberg foundation for international scientific cooperation and Mittag-Leffler Institute conducted a conference Perspectives in Analysis, Geometry, and Topology", on occasion of 60th birthday of Oleg Viro.