St Petersburg State University, Steklov Institute of Mathematics at St Petersburg, St Petersburg Mathematical Society, Euler International Mathematical Institute

organize the Conference

"Topology and Dynamics: Rokhlin Memorial"

1999, August 19-25
St Petersburg

devoted to the 80th anniversary of the birthday of

Vladimir ROKHLIN (1919 - 1984)

Programme Committee
A.D.Alexandrov, V.Arnol'd, M.Gromov, F.Hirzebruch, S.Novikov, Ya.Sinai, S.Smale, V.Turaev, A.Vershik (Chairman), O.Viro

Local Organizing Committee
N.Netsvetaev, A.Vershik (Chairman), O.Viro, M.Zvagel'skii (Secretary)

The main subjects: algebraic and differential topology; algebraic, real algebraic and Riemannian geometry; smooth and symplectic dynamics, ergodic theory; applications.

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