NATO Advanced Study Institute

Asymptotic combinatorics with applications to mathematical physics
(European Summer School-2001 in Russia)

July 9-22, 2001
Saint-Petersburg, Russia




St.Petersburg Department of Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Science (POMI RAN)
International Euler Mathematical Institute (EIMI)
European Mathematical Society (EMS)

Short description: The summer school aims to observe the recent progress in the asymptotic theory of Young tableaux and random matrices from the point of view of combinatorics, representation theory and theory of integrable systems. The systematic courses on the subjects and current investigations will be presented.

Scientific Committee:

Organizing Committee:

  • V.Kazakov (Paris, ENS)
  • A.Lodkin (St.Petersburg)
  • Yu.Neretin (Moscow, Independent Univ.)
  • A.Okounkov (US, Berkeley)
  • L.Pastur (Paris, Univ. Paris-7)


    The main goals:

    1. To make known the recent progress in asymptotic representation theory and related asymptotic combinatorics and its applications to mathematical and statistical physics.
    2. To make appropriate courses on these topics for graduate students and mathematicians who have no knowledge on the problems.
    3. To organize simultaneous seminars and the conference on the topic.
    4. To publish the proceedings of the Summer School.
    5. To intensify contacts between specialists and first of all between young mathematicians from Russia and from the West.

    Scientific program

    Main lectures:

    Lectures or seminars:

    Biane Ph., Hora A., Jacobsen J.L., Korepin V., Pastur L., Zinn-Justin P.

    Round Table:

    Problems of the theory of random matrices

    Problem sessions:

    Poster session for students


    Approximately 80 students from Belarus, France, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, UK, USA.

    Visas and invitations

    Contact email:

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    Final List of Participants

    Final Timetable

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